I have been through some things in my life I didn’t understand.

I have been a victim of circumstances that has caused me pain.

I have made sacrifice after sacrifice to keep things together.

Those sacrifices have made me stronger, wiser and better.

I used to look to people for support and Inspiration.

Now I look inside my soul for my own validation.

Thank You Lord, I have come a mighty long way.

I claim victory on this day.

I understand life’s circumstances and challenges a lot better.

I had to pray to God and put it all together.

through it all I didn’t crumble, break or fall.

I realized everyone doesn’t have the same heart.

Thank You again Lord, I will continue to Inspire, Empower and uplift each and everyday.

The truth is “I WAS NOT BUILT TO BREAK.”




lady why are you carrying so many bags?

When I look in your face it’s so sad.

Bag’s under your eyes and in your cheeks.

You are a beautiful woman, “Just look deep!”

When you look in your heart and know you have tried.

Let those bags go because God will provide.

For every step that you take, God will take two.

Look at “ME NOW!!” I am truth.

The enemy will come in so many different ways.

But, God! Is strengthening you to be a better troop.

Have some faith and believe.

God will guide you through any transition you may need.

Look in your mind, heart and soul.

Find peace, forgiveness and let those bag’s go.

I know it’s hard, your tired, worn out and beat.

Just pray, read, find Jesus and you’ll see.

A better person in the mirror, just look deep.