QUEEN BEE Cosmetics llc “CARNIVAL COLLECTION” Is a 5 style collection. Has great quality, custom-made, 3D, durable lashes, multiple wears/w care. Purple represents Justice ,Green represents Faith, Gold represents Power and I added two of my own Mercy and Peace. Our “CARNIVAL COLLECTION” can be worn on Halloween and any occasion.

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QUEEN BEE Cosmetics Llc “CARNIVAL COLLECTION” Is a tribute to Mardi Gras because I am from the great city of New Orleans and Mardi Gras is one of our favorite times of year. Purple, Green and Gold have a special meaning to Mardi Gras so I thought “Why not add the Purple, Green and Gold eyelashes to the look,”…Sense we are a party city “Why not, HAVE SOME FUN!!”

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Green =FAITH , W/Rhinstone =JUSTICE , Purple =MERCY , Brown =PEACE, Gold=POWER